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CBMC Group is a small engineering consulting company specialising in digitalisation in the water sector, and in particular on development of new digital products and services that can automate and streamline workflows and planning processes for utilities, municipalities and private operators.


We have vast international experience from over 30 years in consultancy with focus on modelling, analysis, planning and operational aspects of water. Our mantra is to provide first class services by creating value for our clients and to develop long-term relationships. We have comprehensive experience from the software and water engineering industry and a unique combination of strong skills within management, advanced mathematical modelling and consultancy. Our speciality is within the water industry where we can offer guidance ranging from the digital transformation of water utilities to high-level technical consultancy on your water related projects.


While our specialty is within water, we have a broad network of partners that we work closely together with to deliver one-stop services.



Vast experience that makes an impact

CBMC Group is fronted by Erland B. Rasmussen and Jørgen Bo Nielsen who have a unique combination of management, software and consultancy experience from the international software and water engineering industry. All our core team members are senior within their fields of expertise.


We thrive to bring together the best team that matches the services in question and if necessary we bring in senior experts from our network and partnerships.


We take pride in delivering the best services and in creating value for our clients.

Erland B. Rasmussen


Erland B. Rasmussen has more than 30 years of comprehensive experience within project management, software development, digital transformation, sales and executive management from the water engineering industry.  He has worked intensively with all aspects of water such as analysis, planning, and operational aspects within climate change adaptation, urban and coastal flooding, water resources management, environmental impact assessments as well as coastal zone management.

Jørgen Bo Nielsen



Jørgen Bo Nielsen has more than 35 years of experience from the water sector. He has been in charge of the development of a global software enterprise – leading a 20 year transformation from a local niche company to the leading global provider of software products and services within its field. Lately, he has been involved in projects related to climate adaptation, smart cities, smart water, software ecosystems and digital transformation.



CBMC Group, Birkebakken 80,

DK-3460 Birkerød, Denmark

+45 2211 1080

CBMC branch office, Søfronten 54,

DK-4736 Karrebæksminde, Denmark

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