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We offer a Digital Check of both your processes and business models.


Moving to the digital era is not about taking legacy processes and digitise them but to reimagine how you do it. To avoid being disrupted you need to stay clear of the most common pitfalls and traps and adjust to today’s reality. That requires an awareness and a well-defined digital strategy that has both an internal and an external track.  It is important that you know how exposed your current business is to potential disruption by a competitor or simply by changing market conditions and demands.


Business models also need to be re-thought as especially digital business models are constantly changing.  If you want to sustain your business, you need to think in new ways. Whether it is considering revenue coming from service contracts (e.g. in Product Service Systems) or a “try before you buy” – the markets are changing rapidly and your business needs too. 




CBMC Group offers a digital check of your business together with your key people. Acknowledging that companies are different requiring a tailored approach, a typical Digital Check entails the following components:

  • Review of your current digital strategy,
  • Review of your current business processes and business model(s),
  • Review of your competitor and market landscape,
  • Risk management,
  • The human and technological aspects of digitalisation, and
  • The right choices for your business.



CBMC Group also offers assistance in your ongoing or future digital transformation. Our expertise for instance covers:


  • planning and execution of digital strategies,
  • how to foster the right digital culture,
  • how to integrate new products, services and people successfully in your business, and
  • digital compliance and governance.




If you ever lack an advice or assistance in making the right decisions in relation to your digital strategy and direction, CBMC Group is here to help you! We can for example be your personal in-house advisor and step in to help you with

  • the best way to integrate multiple systems into one coherent system,
  • specifications for hardware, software, data communication and protocols,
  • digital compliance and governance, or
  • facilitation of workshops on digitalisation of your business.




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